In the projeck’s seicont pairt, we haud a nummer o collaborative warkshoaps thit’ll steer the wey the research is gaan.

The warkshoaps war informed bi the thochts, opinions an attitudes tae Scots gien tae us bi wey o the initial public survey.

In the coorse o 2021-22, we gaithered thegither linguists an stakehaudders fir tae discuss the repones tae the public survey an focus oan themes thit can hae a muckle impack oan the future o the Scots leid:

If ye hae onythin ye’r wantin fir tae speir aboot the warkshoaps, please yaise oor speirin forum.

The warkshoaps will culminate in a final symposium gaitherin thegither the research themes an drawin fae the experience an expertise o ither minority leids fae ower the warl. Yaisin the research an evidence biggit up ower 2022, the projeck will lay the groonwark fir a consensus oan whit the future o the Scots leid shuid be, an whit we’ll be needin tae dae tae mak thon happen—settin a new agenda taeward a community-druv leid policy fir Scots.