Whiles mair nor 1.5 milion fowk in Scotland spik Scots an 1.9 milion fowk yaise or hae some kennin o Scots, thair’s nae coherent research agenda oan leid policy an plannin fir the leid.

The Future of Scots is a collaborative research projeck ettlin at chyngin thon. Led bi the University of Glasgow an supportit bi the Royal Society of Edinburgh, it haes pairtnert wi Education Scotland an Oor Vyce fir tae pit forrit an upsteerin progrum o research activities atween 2021 an 2023.

We stert wi a public survey thit gaithers opinions an attitudes tae Scots an its future fae aa ower the kintra. The survey haes a pairticular focus oan whit cin be duin in fower areas thit cin hae muckle impack oan the future o the Scots leid:

  • Education
  • The media
  • Airts an cultur
  • Policy-makkin

The results o this initial public research will syne be yaised fir tae inforum activities an discussions in a wheen warkshoaps haudit throu the year. These will gaither thegither the sindry research themes. Forbye, this will draw fae the experiences o ither minority leids fae aa airts an pairts o the warl. Yaisin the research an evidence biggit up ower 2022, the projeck will lay the groonwark fir a consensus oan whit the future o the Scots leid shuid be, an whit we’ll be needin tae dae tae mak thon happensettin a new agenda taeward a community-druv leid policy fir Scots.